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Top Smartphones and tablets at great prices!

All the handsets we sell have being pre-owned** and come to us in varied conditions, from the ‘brand spanking new’ to ‘oh god, is that your phone?’.

Our technicians take these devices and breathe new life into each and every one by professionally rebuilding with new parts. Such things as batteries, screens, connectors, switches and buttons are replaced where necessary

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Buying refurbished from Smashteck Phones offers:

    • Value for money

    • Top brands - Apple, Samsung, Htc, Nokia

    • All devices come with warranty

    • Sim free handsets*

    • No contract payments

    • 14 day money back guarantee

    • Great for environment

 *Except where stated otherwise on device listing.


We have you covered

We sell it and we cover it. You might be surprised, but many "refurbished phone" retailers in Ireland don't actually sell refurbished phones!! I know!! They simply sell 2nd hand phones. whats the difference? Well we have our own repair centre and our own highly skilled technicians that work in our repair centre. We honer the warranty and stand over each phone we sell. We carry out our own refurbishments on phones we sell, and we do our own repairs on items we sell. So if for any reason you find yourselve in the position to use your warranty, its a very fast and efficient process. It simply starts with a call or email to ourselves. You will speak to one of our after sales support guys that will trouble shoot your issue over the phone. If the problem can not be fixed in this way, pop your phone in the post, your repair will normally be carried out within 2 working days and we send it back.

If you ever had to use your warranty with high street stores you would have seen that they don't actually repair any phones themselves. They send it off for repair which could take up to 30 days. Then you would have also find that they will completely wipe your phone. All your photos, contacts and other personal data. We don't do that.

Up to 12 Months warranty 

That's correct, we offer 12 months warranty on our A+ range of phones and 6 months warranty on our A and B grades. We seen some refurbished phone retailers only offering 90 days on their highest grades, we only offer 90 days on our grade C phones. Now we have seen retailers offering 2 years warranty on refurbished phones!! We suggest reading the warranty before you purchase. Here is ours.

Not happy? No problem!

We offer a no quibble Money Back Guarantee. If for some reason your not happy with your purchase. Send it back and we will refund you. Simple! Full details about our money back guarantee is available here. You wont get this offered in high street stores!

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