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Phone & Device Grading System

Refurbished Phones & Devices Grading Systems

All refurbished or reconditioned items listed on our website will have a grade attached to it. It is very important that you read our grading system.


To save time and avoid possible problems or disappointment , please make sure you understand how we grade our phones and devices before you make a purchase.

We test EVERY PHONE before it goes into our stock.

  • Phone must switch ON and OFF without any problems
  • The overall condition of the display is examined and meets the standard of the assigned grade
  • We test the microphone, speaker and loudspeaker
  • Vibration of the phone is working
  • The condition of the battery is good and charging
  • We test that the camera is working
  • We perform a test call on each mobile phone

All of our handsets are subject to a series of hardware tests when they arrive at our workshop, ensuring they are in full working order. Apart from the Grade A+ option (which are fully refurbished phones with all new parts) our handsets are then given a grade according to their physical and cosmetic condition. This is to give you a very clear expectation of what the handsets will look like.

Clearly the price of our handsets will vary according to their grade and our system means we have something to suit every budget.

gradeA exampleSo our new Grade A+ range of phones. Grade A+ Phones are as good as new phones. These phones are fully refurbished phones all parts that have been replaced are new and have never been used. We have so much confidence in the quality of these phones we have even gone the extra mile and are giving a full 12 months warranty with all A+ Grade Phones. These phones are 100% mint condition and always come with full accessories etc and come with original packaging.

Compare Grades A and B LargeVery close to new! These handsets are in pristine condition and you would have to look very closely to see any signs of usage on these phones. Enjoy a 'nearly as good as new' device without the price tag. These phones NOW COME WITH A FULL 12 MONTH WARRANTY AS STANDARD and will come packaged in a original box with accessories.


Compare Grades A and B LargeThese handsets have gone through a rigorous quality control process to ensure full working order. Any faulty or damaged parts have been replaced with new parts. The phone will likely have numerous minor scratches on the body and screen that you would expect to see on a phone from normal usage. The phone usually comes in the original phone box unless otherwise stated. All Grade B phones and devices come with a 6 month warranty.

Dont under estimate the Grade C phone! The handsets in the Grade C category will have gone through the full quality control process to ensure full working order. The general condition of these handset will reflect heavy usage of a smart phone with scratches and possibly dents to the body work and sometimes scuff marks and scratches on the screen. These blemishes can be easily hidden with a phone case. Grade C phones and devices normally come in a generic box and come with  a 3 month warranty.

Grade D handsets - We dont stock Grade D

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