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Sometime you may find your iPhone or iPad acting strangely or some apps not working as they should. In most cases a soft reset will be required. Now don't panic! its a very simple process and you wont lose any data.

soft resetSymptoms

  • Apps Crashing
  • Device Unresponsive
  • Glitchy Screen


Possible Solution

Most times if you see these symptoms on your device, performing a soft reset is pretty simple to try to rectify the issue and more times then not works a treat.

  1. Press and hold both the Sleep button and the home buttons together for at least 10/20 seconds. When you see the black screen with the apple logo you can let go of both buttons.
  2. Your iOS device will go through the process of starting up, that's it really.
  3. When you device has restarted, you will see your home screen.


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